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My Anthem Theme Music: Blades of Victory

Thank you for visiting my page.

In August of 2008 I was one of 14,000 composers who wrote an music anthem for the new "CBC NHL Anthem Challenge". My piece called "Blades of Victory 2" got many positive reviews by the public.

I know it to be a powerfully driven anthem with many ideas, layers, effects, and a great melody hook in the middle that is guaranteed to catch your attention. The dissonant chords and horn layers are what give it its musical distinctiveness; and the ending is a real gem. When I wrote it and got it recorded I knew I had a real winner on my hands. So of course I was a bit disappointed that it didn't make the ''final 5'' cut at the CBC. However, I believe strongly that it is too good of a piece of music to go unheard or unused. So I wanted to share it with other possible sport outfits, teams or companies, as well as any tv or radio programs, that may want to use it as a new theme of their own. Perhaps you may just want to give it a listen, if only for the sake of listening to a good rock, jazz, classically inspired piece that is about 1 min. in length.

To listen to my composition "Blades of Victory 2" click on this link HERE.

Copyright (c) 2008: Clayton Self (composer and arranger)

My anthem can easily be updated, changed and re-recorded to fit your needs, if need be.

Feel free to email me if you would like to talk more about the use of my anthem.